Diablo AMPED Rebar Demon™ 1-1/8” x 16” x 26” SDS-Max 4-Cutter Full Carbide Head Dust Extraction Hammer Drill Bit


AMPED Rebar Demon Hammer Drill bits: Reinforced concrete and concrete

Reinforced concrete and concrete
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Diablo's AMPED Rebar Demon 4-Cutter Full Carbide Head Dust Extraction Hammer Drill Bits amplify concrete drilling with the only hammer drill bits to drill fast, clean holes into reinforced and clean concrete in one easy step. The AMPED Rebar Demon bits feature Diablo's highly durable Dura-Carbide to withstand up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit of intense heat whereas standard bits fail at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Diablo's impact resistant 4-cutter tungsten full-carbide head withstands the stress of high-powered hammer drills and the impact of rebar by taking small bites of rebar to deliver controlled carbide wear, reduced vibration, and longer life. Produced with Tri-Metal Fusion Welding, the full-carbide head resists heat and prevents breakage in extreme impact situations. The removable stainless-steel sleeve along with the Snap-Lock Adapter (sold separately) creates the first ever 4-cutter full carbide head one-step clean hole vacuum system by removing up to 97% dust and debris in one action. The elimination of the "Blow-Brush-Blow" cleaning method and the need of rebar cutters is now obsolete, making chemical anchor preparation up to 3X faster than current methods. Epoxy and anchor placement can now be accomplished immediately. In addition, reduction of airborne silica dust helps to create a safer and healthier working environment, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Including a Precision Tip, the sharp 90 degrees pyramid shaped tip delivers the stability and accuracy required to produce fast, precise holes in reinforced concrete for anchor setting. A visible wear mark indicates and assures the accuracy of the drilling diameter. Whether completing interior, overhead drilling or exterior jobs, these revolutionary dust extraction hammer drill bits deliver extreme durability, ultimate productivity, and maximum dust reduction versus current drilling and dust reduction systems.
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AMPED Rebar Demon Hammer Drill bits

Reinforced concrete and concrete