3/16 in. Tile & Stone Carbide Tipped Drill Bit

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Diablo’s Carbide-Tipped Drill Bit range provides faster starts and longer life in tile, stone and glass. Optimized with a unique brazing and hardening process, the carbide tip extends life and productivity, allowing users to drill fast, accurate holes. The multi-ground carbide tip design allows for aggressive starts that produce clean holes when drilling into hard materials. The 3-Flat Shank provides extra stability by eliminating spinning in the drill chuck.

Diablo made carbide tip withstands impact for maximum durability and superior life versus standard tile and stone drill bits
Multi-Ground carbide tip delivers stability and accuracy required for fast, precise hole drilling
3-Flat Shank eliminates spinning in drill chucks
Maximum performance in cordless and corded drill drivers
Not recommended for use in Hammer Drills or Hammer mode on a drill